Subject of the competition

Concerning the common bread. They must start from 5kg of flour and make a paste?

  • Yes, one (same dough) recipe from 5 kg of flour.

Apart from chopsticks the dough can be changed (e.g. by adding other ingredients) for the loaves long and other forms?

  • No, all products made with this recipe must be done with the same starting block.

For 5 long breads is better to make a model where instead of different model?

  • 5 breads must be identical

Are all products will be tasted? For example the common rolls apart from chopsticks, the loaves long and other models will they tasted?

  • No, there is no rule for this, but usually it is the wand which is tasting. But no matter, because everything is made with the same dough and method of work.

Can we bring displays for pastry?

  • No it wouldn’t be fair to everyone

Can I have part artistic references?

  • Yes, they will be online.

Bread nutrition

  • 1 dough = 1 bread = 3 different forms

Typical bread

  • 1 dough = several loaves = 1 typical shape


  • The dough for the bread of the sandwich is taken in the “left over” of the other categories of the subject blocks.

Raised dough

  • The braids are made with the left over of the raised dough. There is no weight to respect.



We use a mixture of grain that needs to be scalded. Can we do it in advance and come with ready to use mixture?

  • Yes, you can make the mixture ready to use. You indicate this ingredient in your commissary voucher.

Can we use of emulsified oil?

  • There is no contraindication to the use of emulsified oil.

Our team needs pieces of organic cacao seed. Do you provide it?

  • It is not in the list of products available. We can ask them if this is necessary.

Margarine is real or butter?

  • It’s real margarine developed specially for pastries or sandwiches


Official uniform

What is the official uniform for the teams?

Each candidate and assistant will receive 1 jacket official 6th World of bread, an apron and a chef’s hat.

The pants should be identical for the candidate and the assistant of the same team.

The Coach will receive 1 jacket official 6th World of bread.

Small equipment and material

What are the dimensions of the floors of the baking Chambers?

Width: 82 cm – depth: 165-cm – height: 20 cm

What is the material that will be in the bakeries?

We put at your disposal equipment that is specified in the technical dossier.

You will find photos of these materials HERE

Reminder : We have an agreement with two builders. That’s why we put the photos of the two types of material. Its use will be drawn at random.



What is the hotel of the teams?


19 allée Commandant Charcot

44000 Nantes

Reminder : The Organizing Committee of the world of bread supports the nights of the candidate, the clerks and the Coach from 22 to 25 October (morning) is 3 nights. 1 STUDIO (with small Kitchen, 1 double bed + 1 single bed + 1 bed drawer) for 3 members of the team (coach + candidate + assistant). If the candidate or assistant is a woman, she will be housed in a room alone.

You can ask them the availability for the nights before and after these dates.

What are your recommendations for the hotel of the families, fans,…?

We offer you to contact:

Inter Hotel Grand monarch

Ibis Styles station Center


Training Places

Many of your asked for a place to train before the contest.

We can help you with the following solutions, but we can not provide identical Equipment as the during the contest :

  • CFA MFR located in Saint Michel Mont Mercure, 1h drive from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, proofing room) – RESERVED/USA
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, fermentation room) – RESERVED/JAPAN
    • 1 laboratory (knead, fridge) + (ovens in the other laboratories) – RESERVED/AUSTRALIA (to be confirmed)
  • Bakery of Nicolas Boussin, located in Ploemeur, 2h drive from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory – RESERVED/CHINA (to be confirmed)
  • Bakery of Marc Le Dorse, located in Lorient, 2h drive from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory – RESERVED/CANADA
  • Bakery Syndicat Vendee, located in La Roche sur Yon, 50min drive from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory – RESERVED/PHILIPPINES (to be confirmed)
  • CFA de Dardilly, located 3h train from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, proofing room) – RESERVED/USA
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, proofing room)
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, proofing room)
  • CFA du Roannais, located in Mably, 3h train from Mondial du Pain
    • 1 laboratory (knead, oven, proofing room)

Map of potential places to train. Please contact Ambassadors secretary. 1st arrived, 1st served: ambassadeursdupain@orange.fr